iFleet’s Maintenance Platform Features

Parts & Services

Automatic monitoring and registration of works in the system including type of parts, duration’s, spare parts, prices, and associated results.

Total Cost

Accurate graphs and analysis around performed services by fleets, units, and intervals.

Maintenance Notifications

Get alerts when servicing appointments are due or when they are being missed.

Service History

Digital record of data on mileage, engine hours, services, and advanced information on each unit.

Intervals & Schedule

Set specified maintenance intervals and enjoy Automated service creation by time, mileage, and engine hours for the specified units.

Service Calender

Organise your services team optimally & gain visibility into when vehicles are booked in for maintenance.

Benefits of iFleet Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Ensure that all aspects of Fleet servicing and Fleet maintenance are conducted with regularity, in a cost efficient and timely manner.

Maintenance Cost Reduction

Reduce the cost of your maintenance operations through data to only service vehicles when they hit certain milestones: Miles driven, Engine Hours, Number of days.

Reduced Critical Breakdown

Prevent breakdowns from happening in the first place by servicing vehicles & replacing parts well in time so that the fleet stays on the road around the clock.

Log Book Automation

Gain access to a digital and tamper proof vehicle log book for each vehicle in your fleet that chronicles every aspect of service history and eliminates human error.

Budget Forecasting

Right size your fleet with an accurate overall picture of all expenses incurred across your fleet along with extensive Fleet Telematics data all in one place.

Fleet Service Scheduling

Analyse and Forecast cost of performed services by fleets, units, and servicing intervals. Broadcasting schedules, reminders & alerts that help you stay on top of planned maintenance.