iFleet’s Eco Driving Features

Driver Scorecards

Automatic Driver Scorecards that digitally log all driving behaviors across your fleet.

Sudden Braking

State of the art functionality to monitor and detect when moderate, harsh or extreme braking events occur.

Harsh Cornering

Know when moderate, harsh or extreme cornering events occur.


Monitor and detect when speeding thresholds are hit or are being approached individually or repeatedly.

Harsh Acceleration

Monitor and detect when moderate, harsh or extreme acceleration events occur.

Excessive Idling

Get notified when drivers are enroute but are not moving with the engine is still running costing you money and time.

Benefits of Using Eco-Driving include:

Slashed Fuel Spend

Stick to speed limits and make your fuel go further. Driving at 80 kph rather than 70 kph uses 10-15% more fuel.

Reduced Maintenance Costs

Increase the life of your fleet with the introduction of good driving behaviors, good drivers can save you up to 25% in fuel & fleet servicing costs.

Lower Accident Frequency

Reduce the possibility of accidents by setting hard speed limits for your fleet. Increasing your speed from 70 kph to 80 kph increases the risk of an accident by 60%.

Increased Km/Litre Averages

Increase the Kilometers per Litre of your fleet by introducing good driving behaviors across your fleet, good drivers can save you up to 15% on fuel costs alone.

Increased Cargo Safety

Ensure the safety of your cargo through strict controls over vehicle and cornering speeds, get notified instantly whenever there are violations of your rules.

Avoid Reckless Driving

Analyse data and create reports/dashboards for a single unit or a group of units to analyse all aspects of driving behaviors: speeding, Harsh braking, acceleration, cornering.